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Does the promise of a visible difference in your looks in just three days seem too good to be true?… Dr. Perricone's Metabolic Miracle Diet - Perricone MD Blog.

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One of the best explanations that I have ever come beyond that explains how to cut through the hype surrounding skincare products is from Daniel Yarosh’s book The New Science of Perfect Skin.  Overall I wasn’t a great fan of this book overall (see my review of the book), I did really like chapter 2 of the book: Cutting Through the Hype.  This chapter does a fabulous job at explaining how cosmetic companies market their products to consumers and how you can protect yourself from being had by false claims.

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Learn more about anti-aging sciences as Dr. Perricone discusses breakthroughs, PerriconeMD patented skincare sciences, and healthy living.

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One of the more interesting things I learned from reading Yarosh’s book was how the cost of a artefact is bent (pages 46-48).  We all know that high amount doesn’t equal a better quality artefact so where do these high prices for products come from?  According to Yarosh, the amount of a artefact is bent by the cost of its raw ingredients and the production overhead. Regardless of that determination the high amount of a skincare product might just be part of a marketing strategy in adjustment to convince the consumer that they are worth investing this type of money in themselves and the care of their skin.  Some companies are simply trying to see how much they can charge for a artefact and get abroad with it.

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Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, is a board certified clinical and research dermatologist. He completed his internship in Pediatrics at Yale Medical School and his ...

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Let’s say the [high-end anti-aging] product [you might buy at a alternation drugstore] costs thirty dollars.  The first fifteen dollars goes to the store, of which three dollars is kicked back up to the alternation headquarters to support the civic television advertising and circulars that stuff your mailbox.

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Apr 29, 2010 ... Dr. Perricone posted a full page ad on his Cold Plasma product in the ... Perricone touts his website as being the place where “you can get the ...

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Realize that large-scale manufacturers may (or may not) spend a lot of money on research, but they also accept to amuse a broad range of customers, and that means they avoid many specialty ingredients that might work for a few but that might prove irritating to some consumers.  So they sacrifice effectiveness for ingredients that accept broad appeal.  …  Many dermatologists accept entered the skin-care market in the last few years, and some accept terrific products.  Others are good but not worth the markup.  Bear in mind, too, that dermatologists selling their own lines may or may not accept had a hand in the lines’ development.  Some buy off-the-shelf products from accepted suppliers and simply place a label with their name on it and pass it off as their own.

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I’ve written a post in the past about how to be savvy skincare product consumer, but once I wrote my post explaining what cosmeceuticals are I decided that it would be a acceptable idea to write yet another post which goes into greater detail on the subject of skincare product claims versus reality.

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by pgcrichard | Nov 7, 2014 | Blog |. As the seasons change, new questions arise regarding care for your landscape. Here are some frequently asked question's ...

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Perricone Md Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint, 2 Oz

Perricone Md Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint, 2 Oz

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint:Luxurious, antioxidant-rich tinted moisturizerDelivers instant hydration and corrective nutrients to the skin with the added benefits of a broad spectrum.Non-chemical SPF 30Deeply hydrates for silky smooth, supple skin
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Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching

Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching

This book is based upon two assumptions. The first is that "we teach who we are," and the second is that one's philosophy of life is intimately tied to one's identity, and that it is one's "philosophical identity" (conscious or otherwise) that ultimately dictates one's teaching style and also what distinguishes those who find joy and passion in the teaching profession from those who find drudgery and simply pick up a paycheck every two weeks. In his book, Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching, Mr. Perricone compellingly invites his reader to participate in an introspective journey that is designed to help the reader better know themselves and the professional path upon which they have embarked. This book is for those who are just beginning their careers in teaching, for veteran teachers who are still very open to personal and professional growth, and to those who are thinking about becoming teachers.
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Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements

Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements

The Perricone MD Skin Clear Nutritional Support System program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive dietary supplements available to help improve the appearance of problem skin. It's specifically formulated to improve skin's clarity while providing toning benefits and improving skin's texture. This program also helps to support a healthy immune system and provide antioxidant protection.
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Perricone MD No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow

Perricone MD No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow

An innovative serum that combines Dr. Perricones patented skincare technology with cutting edge makeup science. Formulated with Acyl-Glutathione, No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow instantly brightens and awakens the eyes, providing a youthful, natural look to complement any skincare regimen.Light-reflecting pigments provide a soft, satin finish with pearlized effect.Crease proof and long wearing while delivering anti-aging benefits.Elegant serum texture glides onto eyelids and blends seamlessly providing the perfect amount of coverage.Can be worn alone or works as the perfect base to enhance additional color application.
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Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Gel Face Mask, 2 Oz

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Gel Face Mask, 2 Oz

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Treatment Mask:Anti-aging treatment face mask with revitalizing micro-capsulesFormulated with the science of phytonutrient microcapsules for deep detoxification and cleansing of the skinProvides soothing propertiesUnique, gel-to-clay texture that transforms to a beautiful green hue upon applicationDetoxifying and supportive agents formulated to protect and revitalize skin
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